Walmer, PE

Helping to make a 50-year-old dream come true!

For the past 50 years the URCSA community of Walmer in Nelson Mandela Bay has been dreaming of having its own church. The community is very poor and went through a lot of turmoil when the Apartheid government tried to move them (without success). With the help of URCSA New Brighton, the congelation of which they are part of, they managed to raise R500 000 on their own and started with the construction of a new building. A couple of months ago the Centre for Public Witness became involved in the project and another R350 000 was raised. We are now hoping to finish the building in the next couple of months. The building will serve as a place of worship, a community centre and an ECD centre. 


We are so excited about the full involvement of the community and the fact that they were able to establish this building for approximately R1 000 000 on their own (despite the initial quote being R3 000 000). We want to complement them on the dedication, commitment, professionalism and enthusiasm with which they handled this project. This project was completed at the end of 2018.


We see this as a beacon of hope and an incredible testimony of the church.