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Why is the Trust necessary and why should we get involved?

Our children and grandchildren's lives are on the line.

South Africa is currently a country plagued by massive inequalities and disadvantages in many of our communities.

Those who know our country's history have to admit that it is a history characterized by the extortion of people and the deprivation of dignity, property and opportunities. This legacy has left substantial psychological scars on millions of people and is probably one of the main reasons why our country is currently groaning under unheard of levels of violence.

South Africa is not going to be rebuilt by simply waving a magic wand, but with millions of small deeds testifying to faithfulness, loyalty, a willingness to serve and concrete acts that lead to forgiveness.

Believers and the church should set an example. This is why we want to encourage you to get involved this year, individually or as a congregation, and make a contribution to the Hope and Reconciliation Trust and the building up of our country.

Please feel free to contact us so that we can continue the conversation.


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