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Wamakers Training Centre survived 2020

The Hope and Reconciliation Trust proudly supports Wamakersvallei Training Centre. Wamakers miraculously came through 2020, despite COVID-19. This community-based centre provides much needed training for individuals who would otherwise never have had the opportunity. Their main objective is to train unemployed people to become skilled workers or entrepreneurs in the field of frail care, child care, cooking and hairdressing. Not only do they receive training in theory and practical experience, but also obtain valuable life skills and knowledge.

They still pray every day for the health of their students, as well as the staff and the facilitators. They have since offered four cooking classes, attended by just six people (so they were able to meet the social distance requirements).

They also trained 15 students as Home Caregivers in August and September 2020. They now also have 32 new Home Care/Nursery students, and they hope that they will also be finished with their practical before the end of the year.


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