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Sinethemba Special Skills Center

This centre has been raising and schooling mentally challenged and physically challenged children since 2003.

Felicia N. Ntwantwa, the manager of Sinethemba Special Skills Center, applied for the R15 000 funding due to the fact that they have been struggling financially more and more since the beginning of the COVID-19 National Lockdown in 2020 as prices were raised to unaffordable margins.

They accommodate 60 children. "Here at Sinethemba they are taught basic literacy with the greatest care and love. They are also taught agricultural skills like gardening and caring for chickens and pigs. The Lord blessed them with the wonderful ability to do beautiful beadwork which is sold to get in some funds to buy food and other necessities. As our children are different in their mental retardation, some of them are doing special skills like poultry production, beadwork, vegetable production, piggery produce and baking."

Thanks to the Hope and Reconciliation Trust's donation of R15 000 they have been able to acquire and sustain pigs, chicken and vegetables for their garden. They are very happy about the donation and are grateful for the impact it has on the children's lives.


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