Pearl Community Development ProjectHelderberg


With the financial assistance of the Hope and Reconciliation Trust,  various early childhood development centres in the Helderberg area were       able to benefit from the AmazingBrainz programme. 


These are:


  • Rustenhof (Rustenhof, Firgrove)

  • Croydon (Faure Wine Farms)

  • Babbel en Krabbel (Rust en Vrede)


AmazingBrainz is a programme that focuses on marginalised communities, giving an age-specific, carefully mapped out day-programme for    each age-group from 3 months to 5 years old. The programme aims to catch up lags in developmental milestones often found in children growing up in poor socio-economic conditions and maximises school readiness and learning capacity of children before they turn six.


Various other infrastructural improvements were made  to these schools, in order to faciliate an optimal learning environment:


- Creation of independent classrooms

- Storage facility for classroom equipment


Further developments are planned in the area.